Jeremy Boreing Says Prenups Improve Marriages' Success


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Jeremy Boreing of the Daily Wire says that he would have married with a prenup if he could go back and talk to his younger self. Is he correct that prenups will create a successful marriage? 

We added a new segment called "What's Happening on X?" where we discuss the latest trending topics or engagements I have had with people in the digital public square. This week we discuss IVF and the Pagans that keep finding their reason pointing to the reasonableness of the Catholic Church's moral teaching. 

Finally, we wrap things up with a reflection Hallow and their series Pray 40. We discuss Fr. Walter Cisek and the nature of Catholic Saints and miracles and how the doctrine of the Catholic Church is often times at the forefront of a Catholic testimony, where is mere Christianity is often the central theme of protestants. 

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