Solomon’s Corner exists to develop content and provide services rooted in philosophy, theology and the arts, to enable individuals to fulfill their call to the Intellectual Life for themselves and their communities.

Equipping You for an Intellectual Life:

Solomon’s Corner, LLC was inspired by the writings of A.G. Sertillanges’ The Intellectual Life and Abraham Kuyper’s Scholarship. We believe that the Intellectual Life does not require doctorates, publications, and accolades to be enjoyed, nor do we believe that it is a selfish endeavor benefitting only the recluse. Truth is the foundation of any intellectual endeavor; it is people who give accolades, but it is truth that humbles the proud and preserves the rejected. Solomon’s Corner exists to enable those called to an Intellectual Life who, for whatever reason, lack the resources or academic opportunities to live it to the fullest — a life of intellectual activity: study, writing, speaking, reflection, community, and creation.

Solomon’s Corner is attempting to revitalize intellectual activity at a time when people are apathetic, distracted, and embracing nihilistic habits; “eat, drink, and be happy, stupid” is the mantra of our time. Discouraging as this may seem, it highlights that every generation finds themselves obligated to carry the baton named “unprecedented” around the track of life; now is our turn to carry on what has been passed down, and as we read Sertillanges, we know we are not alone:

Here I am, a man of the 20th century, living in a time of permanent drama, witnessing upheavals such as perhaps the globe never saw…What have I to do for this panting palpitating century? More than ever before, thought is waiting for men, and men for thought. The world is in danger for lack of life-giving maxims. We are in a train rushing ahead at top speed, no signals visible. The planet is going it knows not where, its law has failed it: who will give it back its sun? —(A.G. Sertillanges, The Intellectual Life, 15).

At this point, you may believe Solomon’s Corner to be a bunch of prudes. Far from it. We are company that takes the intellectual life seriously, and believe you should too. We aim up, so to speak. But unlike stereotypical intellectuals, we have fun doing it — an intellectual life without comedic relief is called a college education. Solomon’s Corner believes that the Intellectual Life is determined, not by talent, giftedness, accolades, or degrees (although these don’t hurt), but by humility, endurance, hard work, and submission to the truth.

Finally, it is not our aim to produce “family-friendly” content. Those seeking a mature and rewarding contemplative life are those we seek to serve; this necessitates the study of mature content, thinkers, and subjects that may not be suitable for young minds. However, the principles you learn here will hopefully inform you and your parental wisdom.

So, whether you’re a Ph.D. looking for that next inspiring idea, a brilliant man whose familial responsibilities have required him to be eclipsed by his cubicle, or a woman with a beautiful mind raising children to engage their minds in a world that would prefer it atrophy, we exist to support you.

When you seek an intellectual life that is grounded in virtuous habit, dedicated to the difficult task of study, and aimed at the truth, you do not become an expert in “mental gymnastics,” nor do you become a famous author; you become a Christian Intellectual; one whose knowledge is not validated by friends, family, colleagues, or degrees, but by the fruit of your labor and the “deepening” of your understanding.

I say deepening, in order to set aside the idea of a superficial tincture of knowledge. A vocation is not fulfilled by vague reading and a few scattered writings…The life of study is austere and imposes grave obligations. It pays, it pays richly; but it exacts an initial outlay that few are capable of…We must give ourselves from the heart, if truth is to give itself to us. Truth serves only its slaves. — (Sertillanges, 3-4).

– The Solomon’s Corner Team


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